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Charlotte NC News Has Changed In Focus

Charlotte NC news has definitely changed in focus over the course of the year. While recent topics or long-running stories might have focused on riots, police shootings, the General Assembly trying to seize control of the airport, and toll lanes to the north, the big story was HB2, boycotts, and the state losing the NBA All-Star game.

Police shootings and race relations are still a serious concern, as the underlying issues of housing affordability and ability to move up in life are challenges to the Queen City. However, more contemporary headlines have moved towards the city’s efforts to lure an Amazon facility and other matters.

The two local major league professional franchises are sources of quite a few stories. The Charlotte Hornets are very relieved to have the All-Star game still coming, albeit later than originally intended. There was mild concern that the franchise might be moved to another state if the matters were left unresolved.

Sadly, the revamped roster of the current team that was expected to challenge for the second round of the playoffs is plagued by injuries and depth concerns, losing badly at the time of writing and not even in postseason contention.

The Carolina Panthers are another story. The former MVP quarterback Cam Newton is leading the team through a successful season with eyes on an upcoming postseason run. However, the owner is stepping down over concerns about unethical behavior towards women, putting the team up for sale. No actual sale will happen until after the season, but depending on who buys the franchise, it might be moved to another city.

This would represent a stunning blow to a growing city, but there are many markets without an NFL team that already have stadiums that could field them for their home games.